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Image of High schools could be labeled as a dropout factory

High schools could be labeled as a dropout factory

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The United States’ high schools are showing deteriorating performance for many years in terms of student dropouts; the student’s lifestyle and lack of motivation are the basic reasons for such chaotic circumstances.

According to the Washington Post, the nickname for the American college students is “dropout factory” because almost 60% of the who start the college as a freshman do not make it to their senior years. That description also fits more than one in ten high schools in the United States, which is why the land of opportunity is seriously facing a challenge of school and college kids dropping out each year for myriad reasons. Let us explore why the dilemma is occurring so frequently and what are its implications on the future generation and the country.

High School Drop Out is Becoming a Norm

There is more than 1700 vocational school in the United States that constantly show a significant number of high school dropouts each year. The US Department of Education provides that data that shows that 13 percent of all school in the United States has the same problem since a decade ago. Some of the students are also missing from the school, but most of them drop out due to lack of interest and low academic achievements. So who is to blame for the low student retention rates in the country? The question haunts many researchers while the highest rates of student drop out are in the large metropolitan cities than in rural areas. However, some high poverty rural areas in the South West also has a high rate of student dropout.

The research shows that most drops out students are from the poverty-ridden families or the minority students. These students are tougher to deal with and have a history of lack of interest in their education. These students also face numerous challenges and hardships beyond their academic issues and performances, which is why they cannot cope with the hardships of life. The need to work well in the job and going to school also overburdens many students; therefore, high poverty areas have a higher rate of dropouts.

Utah and other minor states have a higher rate of students drop out, while Florida and South Carolina are also becoming the states crossing that threshold. The researchers claim that these states do not promote education as a part of culture and tradition, the residents in these states cannot get good jobs in textile mills and good companies, which is why they cannot support their child’s education well and guide them to become responsible citizens.

What is Government Doing to Address the Problem?

Washington does not seem to be taking this taking this problem seriously, which is why the No Child Left Behind Act has not been significantly effective to help the young children get a proper education. The US Senate had also decided to provide schools with more financial support and money to improve the graduation rate and student performance; Bush administration supported the education sector significantly. Therefore, only 70% of the US students graduate on time with a regular high school diploma, but unfortunately, the drop out rates for the Hispanic and African Americans is much higher than the white students.

Aims of Future Legislation

The Congress has been circulating the legislation orders that aim to support the following objectives:
• Make sure that the schools in the country report their graduation statistics and reports to the government on time by including all the racial, ethnic, and subgroups. These groups of students are judged on their results and performances in the school, which is why the government wants to ensure that the schools are not only admitting the higher number of students, but also producing quality graduates.
• Get states to build a data system to help administration keep records of all students during a particular year and measure the graduation and drop out rates more accurately.
• To make sure that the graduation rates increase in a uniform way. The states have used many strategies but ignores that facts that kids often drop out before going to their senior year.
The current legislation also requires all school students to study and pass the math exam in the high school. Those tests contribute towards the serious consequences faced by the schools in the form of school dropouts. The researchers say that these circumstances lower the school’s scores and ruin their reputation as well. The fact is that a majority of educators do not try hard enough to push kids towards success, which is why schools need to consider test scores and graduation rates equally.
The American community is well known for its knowledge, education, and competence. However, the high schools are experiencing the significant problem of students drop out each year due to lack of motivation at school and adverse conditions of poverty-ridden families.

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